Bouwman, C – The overflowing riches of God’s mercy (Tweedehands)


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The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ touches people’s lives where they laugh and cry, work and sleep, walk and drive. Four hundred years ago Guide deBres — a man of like nature to anyone alive today — put to paper what he heard God say in His holy Word. He did so in order that his congregation might receive encouragement and instruction in the midst of life’s ort hos dirt. As the God deBres confessed in the Belgic Confession does not change, Christians living in today’s tumultuous times can still receive encouragement and instruction from this creed of centuries ago. This book attempts to give the reader a feel for how believers of long ago worked in trying circumstances with the promises God had earlier given in Holy Scripture. The link is then made to our times, and how today’s believers can benefit from the way yesterday’s believers worked with God’s revelation. This book is for those who wish to know better who the God is that leads and governs every event in today’s world. Questions to assist discussion conclude each chapter.


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