DeBoer, A – Teach Them Your Way, O Lord


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“As parents, we pray that God will work in our children’s hearts and teach them His way. We also have an amazing privilege to share God’s Word with our little ones. These stories are meant to assist you in teaching your child God’s Word. Even children as young as two will understand something about their God. And so these Bible stories can be used to that effect. The book is written specifically for children aged 2 to 4, but can be enjoyed by older siblings as well. The stories are respectful, yet in a child’s language. The Illustrations are life-like and augment the Bible story. Key words are defined. Important concepts are repeated over a number of stories. These stories are also interactive. The interaction is in the form of questions and a few simple activities that can be done at the kitchen table. This is meant to keep the child’s attention. May the LORD use these stories to glorify His Name and teach them His way.”


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