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Christians often ignore, misunderstand, or underappreciate the Holy Spirit and what he does.  Since he is God, this ought not to be.  In this book, Wes Bredenhof helps us see the Holy Spirit as he’s revealed in the Bible, so we can understand and appreciate his person and work appropriately.  Get to Know the Holy Spirit addresses many common questions about the Spirit, including his work in the Old Testament, speaking in tongues, and whether miracles still happen today.


It is a shame that so many Christians consider the Holy Spirit a stranger, for he is meant to be the closest of friends. In this brief but powerful book,  Wes Bredenhof invites Christians to come to know the third person of the Trinity. Those who read it will come to know the Spirit better and learn that to know him is to love and worship him. –Tim Challies, Author of Seasons of Sorrow

The One who dwells in God’s people – his Holy Spirit – ought to be known well by them. What love for us, that God himself renews us and lives in us! Bredenhof explains from Scripture the nature of the Holy Spirit and his key works, how he is Lord and Giver of life. He also helpfully answers some hard questions about speaking in tongues, healing, praying to the Holy Spirit, and sinning against the Holy Spirit. Readers will be taught well and edified with helpful illustrations and clear applications. – Dr. Theodore G. Van Raalte, Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary, Hamilton, Ontario


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