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Van Dam, Cornelis – Worship Matters

In Worship Matters, Dr. Cornelis Van Dam explores the foundations of worship including the whom, why, where, when and how of worship. He also touches on different perspectives of worship. Special attention is given to the role of the Day of Rest as well. Van Dam then goes on to discuss the centrality of preaching for worship and addresses timely questions like: Who reads scripture in a worship service? and Should we keep the Ten Commandments in our Sunday liturgy? The third section of the book addresses the glory of worship commenting on the nature of a second worship service, the glory of the gospel of Christ crucified, the glory of the resurrection and of the ascension. Van Dam also dedicates a chapter to Worshipping with Angels. Worship includes song and music and Van Dam addresses some of the relevant issues surrounding these topics, too. The topic of worship is also facing some new challenges and this book discusses the importance of rich mature worship, explains why Reformed worship liturgy is rich, why what we are doing in worship should affect how we dress for worship, and how covenantal baptism is central to our communal worship. Van Dam also reminds readers that a truly attractive church is centered on the message of the gospel, and is a living and caring congregation. This book concludes with a look at worship in heaven and on earth.


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