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Do the opening chapters of Genesis constitute real history?

Concerned with an apparent shift among conservative scholars to answer in the negative, Cornelis Van Dam argues that reading Genesis 1 and 2 as history is not only justified but necessary. Van Dam clarifies the different roles that ancient Near Eastern literature and scientific theories should play in our understanding of the Bible as he carefully deals with the exegetical details of the first two chapters of the Bible.

Pastors, students, and church leaders will find In the Beginning an informed guide that will restore their confidence in the complete reliability of the Genesis creation account.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. The Place of Extra-Biblical Evidence in Interpreting Scripture
3. The Historicity of Genesis 1:1-2:3
4. ‘In the Beginning’
5. The Days of Creation
6. ‘God Created’
7. ‘The Heavens and the Earth’ and Cosmology
8. Days One to Six
9. The Completed Creation and the Seventh Day
10. The Historicity of Genesis and the Garden of Eden
11. The Work of Creation and the Gospel
Appendix: The Creation of Heaven and Angels


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