Boice, J.M. – The Christ of the Empty Tomb


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“Jews had prayed for him, hoped for him, and looked for him for generations. But now the one who had said he was the Messiah was dead, killed by the very ones who had for so long anticipated his coming. For his disciples, three years of following Christ seemed to end in despair.

And then they found the empty tomb.
The Messiah was alive!

Every year, James Boice wanted to get across to his congregation, in a fresh and relevant way, the impact of the discovery of that empty tomb. He made it his goal to surprise and excite his hearers every time they heard him preach about it. His sermons on this topic form the basis of this book — one that will revive your own excitement for the significance of Jesus’ victorious resurrection from the dead.

The Christ of the Empty Tomb presents the resurrection as a non-negotiable fact of history — ably refuting arguments against it, explaining apparent discrepancies, and focusing your thoughts on the real reason for the Easter celebration: our justification and deliverance.


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