Bouwman, C – Notes on the Canons of Dordt


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The Canons of Dort are “statements of doctrine adopted by the great Reformed Synod of Dort in 1618-1619”. (Book of Praise, p. 531). This synod, which took place in the Dutch town of Dort, the Netherlands, commenced on November 13, 1618 and lasted for almost one year. Why is it that in 1997, some 380 years later, we, Australians, find ourselves studying Dutch synodical decisions that date back so many years? What is it about their content that we still find relevant today? Wouldn’t it be far more beneficial for us to study today’s issues, and seek today’s answer for today’s questions? Is a study on the centuries old and European Canons of Dort a misplaced endeavor in our post-modern and technological culture?


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